Project Partners

KC4All partnership is ready for cooperation and the sharing of experiences:

  • Share ICT-based, user-centered, interest-oriented learning resources for Employability
  • Share best practice on Employability-oriented contents and guidance for users at risk of exclusion
  • Form partnerships within the EU and elsewhere for the exchange of best practice and the transfer of knowledge in the field of e-Inclusion

KC4All project coordinator
Dynamic Organization Thinking SL

Short name: D-O-T
Address: c/Est 15 1-2, Barcelona, 08001, Spain
Office phone: +34933020004
Fax: +34933020004
Web page:

D-O-T is a network of professionals engaged in the development of an inclusive Knowledge Society through action research initiatives focused on ICT and Social Innovation, the Digital Divide, Lifelong Learning, Collaborative and Socially-Responsible Businesses, and International Cooperation for Development.

KC4All project applicant
Fundación Acción Social y Tiempo Libre ESPLAI

Short name: Fundación ESPLAI
Address: Carrer Riu Anoia 42-54 “ESPLAI BUILDING”, El Prat de Llobregat (Barcelona), 8820, Spain
Office phone: +34 93 4747474
Fax: +34 93 4747475
Web page:

ESPLAI educates children and young people during their leisure time and strengthens associations and organisations in order to reduce social exclusion and the digital divide. Its Red Conecta and Conecta projects are developing digital literacy training, helping participants to gain e-skills, improve their ability to join the labour market, transform society and improve social inclusion.

London Advice Services Alliance

Short name: Lasa
Address: Universal House, 88-94 Wentworth Street, London, E1 7SA, UK
Office phone: +44 20 7377 2748
Fax: +44 20 7247 4725
Web page:

Lasa is a leading UK charity providing high quality support services to advice and information providers. Lasa offers innovative services in ICT advice and consultancy, welfare rights advice, information and training. Lasa also influences policy on advice services and technology.

Foundation EOS Romania

Short name: EOS
Address: Treboniu Laurean, 5/5, Timisoara, 300200, Romania
Office phone: +40-256-498172
Fax: +40-256-498172
Web page:

Educating for an Open Society Romania (EOS) is a private, non-profit organisation established in Romania in 1998. EOS Romania has more than 10 years of experience in the development of projects related to Information and Communications Tech­nologies (ICT) for sustainable development in both public and private sectors.

Latvian Information and Communications Technology Association

Short name: LIKTA
Address: Stabu 47, Riga, LV 1011, Latvia
Office phone: +371 67311821, +371 67314059
Fax: +371 67315567
Web page:,,

The Latvian Information and Communications Tech­nology Association – LIKTA – is a non-governmental, professional organisation, founded in 1998. LIKTA’s main objective is to promote and further the develop­ment of the Information Society in Latvia, so that all citizens may be given the opportunity to benefit from ICT and contribute to the Knowledge-based economy.

Interface3 a.s.b.l.

Short name: Interface3
Address: Rue du Méridien 30, Bruxelles, 1210, Belgium
Office phone: +32 2 250 39 49
Fax: +32 2 219 38 19
Web page:

Since its creation in 1988, Interface3 has worked to expand the range of professional opportunities available for women, and to improve their qualifi­cations in ICT. Interface3 offers a variety of training programs in IT related areas where women are un­der-represented, and in more traditionally female jobs which have become increasingly dependent on the use of computers and the internet.

Sozialforschungsstelle (sfs) -  Central Scientific Institute of the Technische Universität Dortmund

Short name: TUDO
Address: Evinger Platz 17, Dortmund, 44339, Germany
Office phone: +49 231 / 85 96 – 287
Fax: +49 231 / 85 96 – 100
Web page:

sfs – Technical University Dortmund combines high quality research with active participation in the shaping of regional and organisational innovation processes. It is especially concerned with modernisation processes at work and in the labour force, and the movement towards the knowledge society.


The Guidelines for Stakeholders and New Actors will provide you with an overview of the Online Employment Toolkit. The Guidelines describe the goals, methodological approach and innovative features of the Toolkit, as well as providing information on how the Toolkit can be used by your main stakeholders - Online Centres, Employment Agencies, Adult Education Centres and others.


This Facilitator’s handbook will provide you with the information and guidance you need to act as a tutor/facilitator for the online employability toolkit “Key Competencies for All.” The toolkit supports the enhancement of basic key competencies in adults who wish to improve their employability through an alternative learning approach (ICT-based, user-centred, interest- oriented).



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