Go for it
This is the final part of our journey – “Go for it”. 

At this stage, you should have all you need to start sending out applications to job vacancies: your CV, cover letter, and a list of vacancies you can apply for. If you want to learn how to market yourself to potential employers, this section is for you!

You will discover how to take advantage of social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn) to create new professional opportunities. You will also learn about a few useful tools you can use to obtain job interviews.

This section is in two parts:

Goals for this section

ICT skills: Efficient use of Web 2.0

Personal skills:

  1. Interview preparation
  2. Self presentation
  3. Self promotion

A. How do I meet a potential employer?

On the web, you can discover tips to improve your use of social networks, and
also familiarise yourself with new ones. We have selected some specialised websites
for you, but you can find more information by surfing yourself.

B. Practical workshops

In the second part, you’ll find practical exercises.

Mrs. Smith
Mrs. Kurma would like to improve her knowledge of Web 2.0. She should also consider editing her “digital identity or “online identity”. She also updated her presentation skills but she still needs some help. Can you give her a hand?
What about you? Are you sure that what you post on Facebook gives a good impression to a potential employer? 

Are you ready for a face-to-face interview with an employer? Learn more about how to present yourself successfully!

Access to practical workshops

ICT : The social web revolution

The introduction of wikis, blogs and discussion groups represented the first movement of the social web revolution known as “social web 2.0 networks”. Everybody can express themselves on the web today, and this is a new and democratic approach to the Internet. You can learn from other people’s experience, and share yours. And of course, you can demonstrate your skills and competencies to everybody, including future employers!

For this section you must have access to a PC and be able to surf confidently on the internet. If you have a little experience with wikis, blogs or discussion groups, and you are familiar with the general principles of Web 2.0 it will be easier for you to follow this section. If you are not, please click here:




By doing the exercises and workshops you will improve your skills !

This Facilitator’s handbook will provide you with the information and guidance you need to act as a tutor/facilitator for the online employability toolkit “Key Competencies for All.” The toolkit supports the enhancement of basic key competencies in adults who wish to improve their employability through an alternative learning approach (ICT-based, user-centred, interest- oriented).

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