Get Ready for it

Get Ready

Workshop N°2

Document for Facilitator / Instruction file for Workshop 2

Content: duration, essential material (software to be installed, etc.), number of participants, prior knowledge, knowledge to be acquired, workshop procedure.

Mrs. Smith
Mrs. Kurma needs your help 

To organize her job research, Mrs. Kurma created a specific Excel spreadsheet.

Now, she’s added all the vacancies she is applying for, but she’s forgotten some important information.

>>Click the link below to open the spreadsheet:

Mrs Kurma’s Job Vacancy Spreadsheet

  1. Have a look at the spreadsheet and work out how to solve her problem. Also she cannot read the spreadsheet easily,  can you help her create a better layout?

“Now it’s up to you!”

  1. create a spreadsheet and save it as – Yourname-YoursurnameW2.xls
  2. start to add the vacancies you found in the first workshop. Don’t forget to fill all the cells.

This Facilitator’s handbook will provide you with the information and guidance you need to act as a tutor/facilitator for the online employability toolkit “Key Competencies for All.” The toolkit supports the enhancement of basic key competencies in adults who wish to improve their employability through an alternative learning approach (ICT-based, user-centred, interest- oriented).

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