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Workshop N°2: A treasure hunt!


Document for the Facilitator /Instruction File about Workshop 2 – Choose It

Content: duration, essential material (software to be installed, etc.) number of participants, prior knowledge, knowledge to be acquired, workshop procedure.

Mrs. Smith

Mrs. Kurma needs your help

Savita Kurma has to acquire a ‘good command’ of French as soon as possible. In order to achieve this she will have to undergo intensive training. However, Savita lives in the borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, 52 Orchard Square, London W14 9XE, and can’t find a French course in her area.  But she has found a course in Paddington.

Can you help Savita find a course in Paddington and identify the quickest route to the college by public transport? In order to do this, read some of the suggestions in the document below (workshop 2: Internet Search Mrs Kurma). Once you have finished, have a look at the possible solutions!

Workshop 2: Internet Search – Mrs Kurma

Workshop 2: Internet Search – Mrs Kurma Solutions


“Now it’s up to you!”

Use your skills assessment result to identify your training needs, and find out about courses in your area.  Use the template below to start your personal treasure Hunt!

Workshop 2: Internet Search – Up to You!

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