There is a great deal of information and a range of self-help tools now available on the web to assist jobseekers, including skills assessments, self-promotion techniques, basic to advanced ICT courses, CV writing and job profile courses. But many jobseekers are unable to take advantage of these resources, either because they are “offline” or because they have little or no ICT skills.


    “KC4All” − Key Competences for All − aims to support these people, by improving their employability through an alternative learning approach; an approach that is ICT-based, user-centered, and interest-oriented. It is designed as a pathway leading the jobseeker from the choice of a profession to a job application.

    The intention is to enable end users to develop ICT skills, a ‘learning to learn’ attitude, a sense of initiative, as well as interpersonal and social skills. By going through the workshops and working in a group, end users will improve their competencies.

    KC4All also provides Online Centre facilitators and teachers with a set of structured online tools and workshops.


      KC4All is intended for Online Centre users, but it can also be used by vocational learning centres. Although end users can access KC4All independently, they will get more out of the resources when learning in a group led by a facilitator or teacher.


      We describe KC4All as a ‘toolkit’. It consists of three steps, each with two sections combining e-learning sessions, additional learning materials, online resources and workshops. Online resources have been careful selected to offer useful information for jobseekers with low ICT skills.

      The first step, ‘Choose it’, helps end users to choose a profession based upon their skills and interests. Two workshops are available in this section, the first is intended to improve their own skills assessment, and the second is designed to improve their ability to search the web.

      The second step, ‘Get ready for it’, offers end users online resources and three workshops to help them apply for a job. This step also improves their ability to use word processing and spreadsheet software.

      The third and last step, “Go for it”, helps end users to promote themselves using web 2.0 tools and presentation software.

      KC4All authors hope you will find this toolkit useful and helps you reach your job-seeking goals.

      This Facilitator’s handbook will provide you with the information and guidance you need to act as a tutor/facilitator for the online employability toolkit “Key Competencies for All.” The toolkit supports the enhancement of basic key competencies in adults who wish to improve their employability through an alternative learning approach (ICT-based, user-centred, interest- oriented).

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