KC4All and social innovation

Dr. Bastian Pelka and Dr. Christoph Kaletka from Technical University of Dortmund will deliver a paper on the “First International Workshop on Social Innovation and Social Media (SISoM 2011)” on 21st July in Barcelona. They will speak about “Social media revisited. User generated content as a social innovation” and will place the KC4all outputs into the big picture of using web 2.0 for social inclusion.

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The Guidelines for Stakeholders and New Actors will provide you with an overview of the Online Employment Toolkit. The Guidelines describe the goals, methodological approach and innovative features of the Toolkit, as well as providing information on how the Toolkit can be used by your main stakeholders - Online Centres, Employment Agencies, Adult Education Centres and others.


This Facilitator’s handbook will provide you with the information and guidance you need to act as a tutor/facilitator for the online employability toolkit “Key Competencies for All.” The toolkit supports the enhancement of basic key competencies in adults who wish to improve their employability through an alternative learning approach (ICT-based, user-centred, interest- oriented).



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